Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Kid is Better Than Your Kid...

Why is it that we as parents spend so much time comparing our kids to other people’s kids?  If you actually think about it you see that it really does not make much sense.  We put so much thought into everything we do to and for our little ones.  The clothes we buy, the lunches we pack, the activities they participate in and even down to the length of their fingernails.  You would think that once your put so much thought and effort into something you could trust that it is the best it could possibly be and then maybe you could get some enjoyment out of it.  But no, parents really struggle with this.

I was at one of the activities that one of my girls participated in this week (vague enough for you?) and I overheard another little girl’s father as he spoke to his wife (the cutie pie’s mom).  I swear I was not eves dropping but they were just standing so close to me that I could not help but hear.  He said “she is by far the skinniest in the class, I mean by far,” and then he continued with other comparisons of his little princess with those other little princesses in the room.  I realize that not everyone goes to the extreme but it is kind of like the parents who end up in a fight at the ball field or in the audience of a beauty pageant.  Instead of being there to support your child you become the parent who is there to defend or to push your child.  The one who is looking for what is wrong rather than what is right. 

I am not judging or saying that I have or have not done this I am just saying that I think that instead of comparing our kids to every other kid in the room we would probably all be better off celebrating our own children for whatever they are or even for whatever they are not.  In the end this is the way to healthy children, healthy parents and most importantly healthy relationships between the two.  I think it is certainly worth a try. 

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  1. i think the most important thing for parents is to judge their kids with their own perimeters. it is not a good practice of comparing one kid to another. that only creates difference, not unity.