Monday, August 22, 2011


Why do men always seem to come with some degree of chaos?  The girls and I can be sitting perfectly peacefully at the table doing a lesson in the most organized fashion and having a good time and their dad can walk into the room and the energy completely changes.  I have no idea how or why but for some reason when Tyler gets home it is time to horse around and play.  And its not just kids either mind you.  Animals are affected by the male presence as well.  I can remember when our Doberman, Khan, was a puppy and I would be at home working with him and the same thing would happen.  Tyler would enter the room and all of a sudden manners went out the window and it was time to play.  What is this phenomenon?

The funny part about it is that when he is playing with the girls it is like he is a kid too.  You know how when one child annoys another they tend to shout out “mommy, so and so did such and such to me!”  Well, the hubs is no exception.  He is fine playing and wrestling around for a while but when things get out of hand, and they tend to pretty quickly most days, it is “Shazana, can you help me get them to stop?” or “Shazana, how do you make them listen?”  Or better yet is my favorite “do you let them act like this all day?”  Oh dear, it looks like I have 3 kids now doesn’t it??

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  1. hmm. nice post. looks like that men are really chaos ;-). whatever, i did not yet see any post here on the upcoming Halloween night. what are your plans? as i am in Atlanta, i will probably go to kids events in Atlanta to spend few hours. there are unlimited candies there, i heard. what about you?