Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't Call the Police!

I went to the post office today. More often than not I go for quick things like to pick up mail that I have to sign for or drop off a piece of mail. Most of the time my trips to the post office last 30 seconds or less. Lets face it, now with on line bill pay trips to the post office are greatly reduced. I tell you this for a reason.

Today when I pulled up to the Advance post office I had both girls in the car with me and we were listening to music. The girls we so into the music and so not into the post office that they did not want to get out of the car. I am a big proponent of picking my battles. Frankly, I just do not have the energy to fight all the time. The girls were listening to music so intently that I knew if I insisted they come inside the time and energy it would take would just be too much. Well, I was parked in such a way that I could see the car from the inside of the post office, which was literally one step away from the spot where I parked. Wanna guess what I did? You got it. I let them stay in the car.

The entire time I was inside I was nervous. I kept looking outside. So much so that the woman who was helping me finally asked “you got kids in the car?” I was so surprised that she knew exactly what I was doing! I replied, “Yes, what gave it away?” She then said, “I can tell you are looking outside waiting for someone to pull up who does not have kids and call someone.” We both then laughed in complete understanding of one another. That was exactly it. I was not watching the car to make sure my girls were alright. I knew they would be or I would not have left them. I was watching them to make sure that nobody else was doing the same so that I would not get in trouble for leaving them! And just so you know, both of them are perfectly capable of getting themselves out of their seats and out of the car.

I get that you are not supposed to leave a 6 month old in the car in 90-degree weather for half a day. I am not stupid. I just did not realize that there are other mothers out there who not only do what I did but more importantly understand just where I am coming from! It is nice to know that other parents have been where you are.

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