Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Take Care of Your Own Kid! :-)

I know you have been at the pool playing with your kid/kids when another little one decided to join your bunch. You know, the kid whose parents care more about their beer or their tan to actually get into the water and play with their child. For that matter you have also probably been at the playground pushing your child on the swing when another child asked, “can you push me too?” while his or her mom was on her cell phone. It is not that the kids necessarily annoy you. They do me but you are probably nicer than I am. It is more about the fact that dammit I want a tan too! And it has been ages since I caught up with my sister why don’t YOU push MY kid while I make a call??

I know it sounds sad. And maybe it is but that does not make it less true. So many times I feel like other parents kind of really rely on those of us who actually do give a shit to pull their weight too. If is was not bad enough that your kid came over to me and my two in the pool while I am trying to not only trying to keep mine entertained but more importantly safe, then what makes it worse is that they then look up, smile and lay right back down as though if I am not complaining then everything must be OK! Seriously?

Am I the only one who feels this way??

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