Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teachers Make All the Difference

As I walked down the hall this morning on my way to my almost 4 year old daughter’s classroom I knew something was different. I felt her grip on my hand tighten almost as if she knew what was around the corner. Kids have a certain sense about these things. As we turned the corner her tight grip on my hand changed into a choke hold on my leg. That was when I knew we had a problem.

“Where is Ms. Suzanne?” I asked the perfectly nice substitute teacher. “She was not feeling well so she is at home today.” Now I knew. As I knelt down to look into her eyes I could see the tears welling up. I said in as normal a tone as I could muster being fully aware of the impending doom “OK honey, I will pick you up at lunch with a nice surprise in the car waiting for you.” She blinked and the well of tears in her eyes became a stream of tears running down her face.

After about 20 minutes of failed negotiations , and I was offering the good stuff you know like mommy’s handbags, lip gloss and toenail painting type stuff, Andira was finally peeled from my leg in hysterics and I walked away feeling torn myself. I could hear her crying for me all the way down the hall and all the while I wanted to go back and get her and take her home with me. I did not do that for obvious reasons.

Andira is already a homebody who could be with her dad and I all day everyday and be perfectly happy with that. Then we met Suzanne and all that changed. Now, there are still a lot of long hugs and lingering kisses but every morning I leave her smiling in her dear teacher’s arms. This is the magic her teacher has in her possession. Somehow Suzanne knows exactly how to relate to and bestow peace upon my very sweet and innocent little girl’s heart. Not to mention the peace she gives me.

The early childhood experiences our children have with their teachers are so very important. I don’t think I realized until this morning that if it was not for our beloved Ms. Suzanne I would probably not be sending my darling daughter to that school again next year. I wonder if that goes unnoticed more than it should. What special people our teachers are. How one sick day can literally throw our children into such a tizzy that they are inconsolable. We as parents need to be more appreciative of the job our teachers do and that is a given but I especially think that administrators of our schools need to realize how invaluable their personnel resources are. The bottom line is that I pay tuition to the school because I love my daughter’s teachers and if I did not love them then I would not be paying. I hope people think of this more often!

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  1. Yup. I love the Montessori teachers and it's going to be tough for us to make the transition to public school. And Ms. Suzanne is awesome :)

    Love this site, by the way. It's the first place I go on the first day of summer!