Monday, January 4, 2010

My Secret

In the spirit of starting the week following a Holiday off on the right foot I would like to offer some advice. As a mother (and this goes for any parent) I have found that I benefit greatly from getting a “head start” if you will, on my day. When I was working outside of my house I found that when I was awakened by the calls of one of my young girls as the call to my day I felt like I spent so much time just trying to catch up. One girl would wake up and then shortly after that the other one and then somewhere in the middle of that my husband would start his day and all the while all I wanted was a cup of coffee! Not to mention the fact that I too needed to get ready for my own job which required me to wear a suit daily. Before I knew it I was in a bad mood and wanting to be or just flat out being snappy to the entire family toddler and all!

I want to share my secret with you since it has been a saving grace in my life. Get up early. I mean early and I also recommend getting your exercise out of the way if you are an exerciser. If you are not an exerciser I recommend you start but that is the topic for another post. I have found that the extra minutes I get to myself when I get up early (I get up a lot earlier than I probably “need” to but I love the time) make me feel like I am heading off the day instead of being catapulted into it. I am happier and more peaceful since I have exercised, showered and had a few quite moments to myself and everyone knows that when mommy is happy so is everyone else!

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