Monday, January 18, 2010

All For a Nap

I will roll down a car window in the rain in a heartbeat to keep a kid awake. And you know, I have realized that I am not alone. The more mothers I speak to the more I realize that we all do that. How hard are you willing to fight for a nap? Me, I will fight to the end. If my little girls (either one) fall asleep in the car you may as well call it a day. There is no way you are going to get them to take a nap after that. Even just a five minute cat nap will suffice for a long and energetic rest of the day; at least for them.

God intended children 4 years of age and younger to nap. Do you know why? It is because the care takers of children in this age group are tired. We are so very physically and often emotionally tired after even just a morning with our energetic and curious little people that we need to sit down. We need to sit down and we need to eat. Maybe we even need a nap too. So before calling CPS on me for opening the car window during a down pour consider the fact that it is their nap that actually keeps you from having to call CPS in the first place!

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