Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Don't We Inspire Moms Instead?

Ouch! I just read an article in the New York Times entitled “Survey Highlights Conflicts for Working Mothers” and boy it kinda stung. I wonder what the goal was. Knowing women and adding to that mix the title “mother” of course we feel guilty for not being with our children. There may be some of us out there who are actually OK and even content with our decision (if this is your choice) to be a working mother but I dare say that the vast majority of us would not feel that way. We feel guilty for everything for goodness sakes. From our husband’s forgetting their lunches to our parent’s loneliness issues we do not need help! So when you are talking about our children it does not take a survey to tell you that we feel guilty leaving them in the care of someone else all day! Our kids mean everything to us.

Of us mothers of course “most say they would prefer to work part time” what did you honestly think we would say? I have two little girls and the month of September was my first full month of officially being a SAHM (stay at home mom) so I can tell you with certainty that of course we think that, for a child, a full time working mother is less than ideal! Come on, who really says “thank goodness I am working because if I were taking cake of Johnny all day long it would mess him up good!” Maybe there are a few of us out there who feel that way but the vast majority of us mothers do know that we are the best caregivers of our own children. Period. There is nobody out there who can care for my girls as well as, and leave alone better, than I can. So, with all due respect when you put something out there like the article I am speaking of maybe you should consider what you are trying to accomplish. Because while there was some interesting demographic information about which mothers are choosing a life of staying at home on the whole instead of shedding light on much of anything a few more mothers may have even been put in the dark as the evidence of their inadequacy has grown even more irrefutable. Chances are that many more mothers wish they could stay at home than do so why doesn’t someone write something to help encourage those mothers instead?

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