Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kids Sure Can Make You Laugh!

So I was leaving my Daughters’ school this morning (The Montessori School) when behind me I heard a mother laughing. I turned around to see if she was laughing at me since I am sure the sight of me ducking to avoid the (very low) window so that my 20 month old would not see me leave was quite comical. It actually took her a minute and then she said “no, it was not you” when she caught her breath she continued “it’s my son, you see I have been watching him for the last 10 minutes and the teachers have been trying to get him to be quiet and settle down to listen to the story they are reading. Well, he finally does, after some convincing, actually settle down and now he is trying to tell the other children to be quiet!” We then both laughed at how silly our kids can be and I thought of so many times when my older girl tells my younger one that she is going to get put in “time out” if she does the thing that I just told the older one not to do. It is just so cute that you have to laugh. Like yesterday in Hallmark my 3 year old was speaking to a lady who was also shopping for cards and having quite a good conversation which made me smile and then she tops it off by saying “it was nice to meet you” when the woman starts to walk away. To hear a 3 year old say those words is just cute! By the time the other mother at school and I parted ways we had concluded that we would never laugh this hard if it were not for our kids.

What has your kid done to make you laugh lately?

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  1. I have a 4 year old daughter and we have recently informed her, we will be adding a little one to our family. I am currently 3 months pregnant and we are trying to keep her excited and letting her know about everything. Although there really isn’t anything to feel yet, she likes to rub my belly every once in a while. This morning as I am dropping her off at pre-school, she wants to know if all of her friends can feel my belly. Bless her, but how crazy would I look standing in the middle of her pre-school class, letting her 4 to 5 yr old friends feel my belly.