Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dads do Rock!

I really must tell you that I can be hard to live with. I know, I know you think I am a saint and as pure as an angel can be but believe you me I do have some faults. My husband and I met on November 14, 1998, the year I graduated from college. The short version of how we met is that we were set up. The long version is the subject for an entirely different post and perhaps a glass or two of wine. We got engaged after only 8 months of knowing each other. It was an indisputable case of what is commonly referred to as “love at first sight.” A year and a half later on May 27, 2000 we were married at the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, GA where I grew up.

The last 9 years of our marriage have definitely had their ups and downs. Sometimes like a rollercoaster and other times like the smoothest ship you have ever sailed. None-the-less we always get through everything and wind up still loving each other. I think it is just that we were meant to be together. This becomes clearer to me daily. In 2006 we had our first daughter, Andira and then in 2007 (yes, I did say 2007) Inara was born. While the first six or so months are a blur now the products of them will amaze me daily until my time on earth ends. As will the evolution of Tyler (my husband) and our marriage.

Tyler married a woman who no longer exists. He fell in love with and married a head strong (that has not changed) and career driven woman who would stop at nothing to be the best at work and at driving her career to the topmost place possible. That woman was also driven strongly by earning potential and without a doubt worked for money – and wanted lots of it. Today I am not even sure who that was or what that felt like. What was once a tough career woman who knew not what inner peace was is now a mother who searches for the peace inside of herself daily and who would rather do nothing other than be with her children. Hi, I am Shazana. And through it all Tyler has not only stuck by me but he has pulled me up. During times of darkness and uncertainty he shined light into my soul and he is the reason for the wonderful life I have today. I don’t tell him that enough. He has worked countless hours and through many frustrations to build a web site for me to be able to share my interests of children, parenting, cooking, and much more with the world.

We often talk about what is wrong with our relationships but I wanted to talk about what is right. Very right. My husband is making my dreams come true. Not only has he built this site for me but he has also allowed me to give up my substantial income to be able to stay home with our girls. I find this the most unbelievable and courageous part about all of this. His (and my) once money driven existence has disappeared without a trace. The man sitting across the table from me right now is a man who has expressed his love to me and to his children through his unselfish actions and this has changed the way I look at him and at the world. He is willing to significantly reduce our household income in the name of two little girls who want to be with their mother. Is there a better definition of “father?”

We are all so blessed.


  1. What a wonderful post! And props to your fantastic husband! Isn't it amazing what we can do for each other and how some of the big "sacrifices" we feel we are making end up being hardly noticeable at all?

  2. You do have a wonderful husband, and he, a wonderful wife. I am proud of you.