Monday, August 31, 2009

How Do You Define "Liberation?"

This morning another one of my good friends entered back into the workforce after her maternity leave. What once was the occasional “I am so sad today, I miss my kids” has turned into a feeling best described by a severing of limbs. I know this is graphic and I definitely do not mean to be gross but I think we are all missing raising our children more and more. Tears, sadness and depression have become the norm lately for all mothers I know who work away from their children. I am not sure why.

My friends and I are certainly at the appropriate age to be experiencing these emotions since we are in the prime of child rearing so that maybe some of it but I think that this is more. Something is happening on a deeper level. Is there another movement out there starting to stir? Is this the “anti-feminist” (that is “feminist” as we most popularly hear about it) movement? I know some of you may be defensive of this but hear me out. I am all for “equal pay for equal work” and “women's suffrage” but I am also all for whatever makes you happy. Ironically enough today is the first day that I have been unemployed since 1998 when I graduated from college. Today I am 33 years old and have stepped out of the work force and away from my not-so-negligible salary to be at home with my girls. I get to do everything for them MYSELF and to me that is liberating. What is liberating to you?

God bless my sweet and supportive husband for without him I would not be able to make such a dramatic change.


  1. How do I define feminism? It means having a choice. Is that really so hard? If you didn't have the option to choose whether you stay home or go to work, you might feel a little oppressed. But thanks to the feminist movement, you now can decide what works for you.

  2. Feminism has absoulutely nothing to do with working inside or outside the home. It has everything to do with having free choice, respect, financial awareness and teaching your daughters (or sons) to R.O.A.R.
    Joy Rose

  3. You guys are right. I have renamed the article as you can see.