Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Amazing Bond Between Mothers

It is amazing the bond between mothers. Tonight my daughters had their last classes. One finished “dancenastics” at Salem Gym and the other finished gymnastics at the same place. They both had great fun! But what I wanted to talk to you about is the incredible and pretty immediate bond that mothers can share. Harmonie, Julie and I laughed tonight about how much we had talked all summer long while our daughters danced (or cried) and tonight as we exchanged personal e-mail addresses we did not even know one another’s names!

I mean there have been several months and many more topics of conversation shared among us. From what we found going on around the Triad to who cares for our girls to what we thought of schools in the area. Such a wide range and of things that we openly shared our inner thoughts and feelings about without even exchanging names! And I felt such warmth as I sat in the bleachers with them on Tuesday nights. When I forgot my daughter’s ballet bag one Tuesday they were the first (and only) ones to tell me that it was alright and to try and console me. I find this truly amazing.

I wonder why we mothers share so openly with one another. I think it is because once you become a mother and regardless of anything else it is understood by other mothers that we need each other. Our husbands are nice don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it is so nice to start at the same point of understanding with someone. You see, no matter what anyone says mothers and fathers are distinctly individual. That is not to say that in extenuating circumstances men cannot morph into what their kids need in a mother. What I am saying is that they did not start that way. When our children are placed into our arms we never let them go and this is one thing that all of us share, embrace and understand. Our hubbies might try but we are the only ones who truly get it…I love all you moms.

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