Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Natural Baby Products: Hard to Find? Yes!

I have just finished spending upwards of an hour on trying to buy a detangler for my girls. Let me back up. I am the mother of two beautiful and delicate little girls. A three year old and an eighteen month old. Since shortly after the first one was born I have been tuned into the talk about the brands of personal hygiene products that we have been used to using for generations and the controversies surrounding their ingredients. I have been trying to feed them organically and to bathe and lube them up with the most gentle and wholesome products possible. Do you have any idea how hard it has been for me to number one find products that work and then number two to keep a good stock of them?

OK, so I did not start this way right out of the gate. One of the gifts I was given at a baby shower was a tube of Aveeno baby wash. Well, naturally I used it. Then about a month later and right when the tube was almost empty I got an e-mail from a friend concerning not only the baby wash I was using but also so many of the familiar brands I had also been gifted. As I read the message I became pretty uncomfortable with the choice I had made about which products to use on my newborn baby girl. Allegations like “cancer causing” and “numbing agents” really made an impression on me. I immediately started searching through the Parents Magazine list attached to the e-mail for some safer alternatives.

My first choice was a brand called “Tribe Kids” and I was quite happy with my decision. I was able to read the label without the use of a dictionary which made me feel more at ease with using the stuff on the skin of my then infant. Since that time I have been reading the labels of many of the products I have in my house and what I have found has been kind of alarming. Anyway, I now use the label as one way to decide whether or not I feel safe allowing the product to touch the skin of my girls. Well, “Tribe Kids” has since gone out of business following many months of not being able to supply products. My guess is that this might have something to do with the fact that it is very expensive to make such high quality products and preserving them has in some cases proven to be even more of a feat. So you can only make what you can sell for fear that it will spoil. I then turned to a brand called “Earth Mama Angel Baby.” I really like this line. Their lotion smells so good you will want to eat your little one . My issues with them are #1 SHIPPING COSTS which if you will excuse me for a moment I would like to return to this and #2 tangles. What the heck is up with people expecting you to pay $10+ for an 8 oz bottle of lotion and then almost half that in shipping? Why don’t people get smart and either expand production or get distributors in other places? All of these “pure” types of products seem to be made in CA or some other place far away and not to mention that they weigh a ton to ship which can be an issue for a North Carolina girl like me who is trying to get them. I know, I hear some of you saying that I can go to Whole Foods or O’baby Organics. Have you ever tried to do that? If you read the labels of many of the baby products in Whole Foods (which I do love Whole Foods) what you will find is that more often than not you see “glycerin” and many ingredient names or chemical formulas that you will not recognize on the label and then we are back to square one. Move on to another product. With me, the most important part is not the “organic” stamp (which I think can be more easily attained that we would like) but the fact that I know what the ingredients are they are not just chemical formulas that can be anything. Angel Baby products give you that peace of mind and can be found in O’baby Organics but I have not ever found what I am looking for in there. I appreciate and believe in what they do and I understand that this is a matter of opinion but they don’t ever have what I want so I am back to the internet. So now WHY does somebody not do something about this?? Free shipping over a certain dollar amount? Distribution in more than one place? Any other suggestions??

I was simply searching for a detangler that contained in it ingredients that I could pronounce. No problem, right? Wrong. This took me in excess of an hour and while I did order something it was not exactly what I would have liked. When it gets here we will see how it works. I don’t even remember what I settled on because by the time I picked one my eyes were crossed form looking. If you “Google” “organic baby products” a whole list of stuff comes up. Among the products is also a brand called “Mustela” which my own hairstylist told me about as product she knew worked with some but was not sure about what they were made out of. But since their label is not available on the site I could not buy their stuff although they have a long history.

I just want to be able to read the label!

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