Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do Quality Kids' Shoes Have to be SO Expensive?

So, shoes for kids. Oh so expensive right? I love to shop for shoes for my kids and I don’t think it is just because they are girls. There are some really cute boy’s shoes too. Is there a way to get around paying upwards of $40 for shoes for a toddler? Well, there may be but I have not yet found it.

Let me just say that I L-O-V-E You probably know they have recently been purchased by Amazon for a reported 10 million shares of Amazon stock. When they first came around I used to price shop them and if someone was less expensive I would buy from a competitor or another store. But now, after many years of buying from them, I don’t do that anymore - I am loyal to them. I like them and their service so much that I shop there for many of the shoes I buy but especially for my kids. Do you know how quickly the shoes you order arrive? Or how easy it is to return shoes? Well, overnight and almost effortless. But that is not really what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about the style and brands of shoes that I have been most pleased with.

My kids have small feet, my 3 year old wears a 7 and my 19 month old wears a size 4, but I have really tried many different shoes. I have bought and been very happy with the Target brand “Circo.” Those shoes last and last and seem comfortable enough for daily wear. But when I buy shoes for serious activity I pay close attention to comfort and build. I look at the amount of padding, where the padding is, how much toe coverage there is and if socks must be worn with them or not. Before they were adept at walking both of them lived in Robeez. People gave me Pedipeds but I never really used them as much as the Robeez. If you have a child who is cruising but not yet walking on their own, get them! They are awesome.

Both my girls’ first pair of walking shoes were Stride Rites. Those are what I recommend especially for early walkers. They are oh so comfortable for those tender and unstable little feet. Stride Rites seem to somehow help with the process of learning to walk as well. They seem to have the perfect combination of comfort and stability to help a young one get the confidence they need to become proficient at walking on their own. I also recommend Jumping Jacks for those children who are on the early side of walking. They are similar to Stride Rites in their build and comfort they just don’t seem soft enough to actually help a child learn to walk. I also love Geox shoes and New Balance shoes for my 3 and under girls. My 3 year old has been wearing the same pair of Geox tennis shoes for a year. I did buy them a little big so they have fit her for a long time but they have also held up beautifully. She goes to school every day and plays outside and they still look brand new. She just grew out of them so I will need to get another pair. The New Balance ones I have to replace the Geox shoes are both cute and comfy as well. I bought them at my local New Balance store.

The last brand I want to mention is Nina. I just went onto a couple of days ago searching for a pair of sandal type shoes that the girls can wear without socks and would go with the sundresses that they want to wear all summer. I also wanted the shoes to be somewhat waterproof. And yes you can search by these criteria on I chose these shoes because they are the cutest little white leather sandals. Well, I can’t get my 19 month old to take them off! She totally digs these shoes and wants to wear them without socks all day long. It’s a good thing they are adorable. Both girls have been wearing them without socks and seem to really like them. All of the brands that I just mentioned commonly cost $40+! My experience is that with children’s shoes you get what you pay for... I just wish you didn’t have to pay so much!


  1. Our 3 yr old daughter wore "Squeakers" when she first learned to walk. The "squeaker" could be removed, but was absolutely adorable! Each squeak encouraged her to take another step, then to stomp once she found her balance! I purchased a pair for my 12 month old niece too (summer 2009) for $40 at BenPhils in Winston-Salem. There may be an online store with this brand but I prefer to "touch" something like this before buying.
    We love Stride Rite too, but have discovered the best deals are available at the Outlet Stores--our favorite is the Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach SC. There are Stride Rite/Sperry outlets at both the Hwy 17 and Hwy 501 stores. Expect to pay 50% less than you would at the mall. We've also had good luck at the NIKE outlet for tennis shoes, but will give New Balance in Winston-Salem a try!

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  6. Both my young ladies' first combine of strolling shoes were Stride Rites. Those are what I suggest particularly for early walkers. They are quite agreeable for those delicate and flimsy little feet. Stride Rites appear to by one means or another assistance with the procedure of figuring out how to stroll also.